WordCamp Miami Recap

This past weekend was WordCamp and BuddyCamp in Miami. The sun, the people, the experience- WordCamp Miami was definitely one to remember. WordCamp is always an enjoyable (and often beneficial) experience, and this time was especially so- it was the first time we were active contributors to the event. We had the dual honor of being a sponsor of WordCamp and also designing the BuddyCamp t-shirts. Over the weekend, we enjoyed some inspiring talks from industry leaders, including Shane Pearlman of Modern Tribe (@justlikeair), Lisa Sabin-Wilson (@LisaSabinWilson), Brad Williams (@williamsba), Chris Lema (@chrislema), Pippin Williamson (@pippinsplugins), and John James Jacoby (@JJJ). We loved Shane’s informative and fun talk on running a WordPress business, freelancing and how to navigate a successful career (with a lot of sleepless nights). His slides were beautifully designed and concise; his energy on stage was infectious-it was a great talk.

Many WordPress companies are responding to being social and attending these great community events. We have seen our business shift and evolve over the past few years and attending WordCamp events has played a huge role in establishing our business strategy. The exciting thing with WordCamp is how it combines a lot of hungry people who’ve been working for years on a similar set of problems. At these events, we together can communicate, collaborate and listen — getting a great shot at fully delivering WordPress solutions that respond to the needs of the community and our user base. Strolling off of the University of Miami campus afterwards, I had a moment of realization; we had sponsored an amazing event, met and conversed with some of the top minds in the WordPress industry, and we had a weekend that we would not forget. Our excitement for WordCamp Minneapolis has been heightened.


  • Shane isn’t going to make it, but both Peter and i from Modern Tribe are super jazzed about WordCamp Minneapolis. Sounds like WordCamp Miami raised the bar. I’m sure the MSP crew is going to put on an equally fantastic event.

    Often WordCamps are a little light on the design side, so I’m excited to see your talk up on the schedule.

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