Finally, a simple, versatile Instagram plugin for your blog.

Simple Instagram allows you to display your Instagram profile information, image/video feed, or Popular posts from Instagram. It includes both shortcodes to use within your posts and widgets to include in your sidebar.


To help ease installation, the setting page includes simple, step-by-step instructions with links and detailed descriptions.

The plugin uses Instagram’s PHP API, so you don’t need to worry about Javascript conflicts. Plus, the settings page monitors your connection to the API, so if anything goes wrong, you’ll know right away.

The feed shortcodes and widgets allow you to specify wrapper type (div or li), whether the images are linked to their respective Instagram instances, user ID, tags, image size, and number of images pulled. The resulting feed uses unique class names and minimal styling in order to make it as easy as possible to integrate into your blog’s look and feel.

The profile shortcode and widget allow you to specify which elements are included and give you the option of displaying an unformatted layout (easier to customize) or one with minimal styling applied for a quicker setup.

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